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It all started waaaaay back when....

Note: This was written 9/18/2000 and could use an update.

Boink Labs started as "bittybox" back in 1994, running Slackware v1.something Linux on an AMD 386/40 and connecting to the Internet via a long distance UUCP connection and the good graces of a friend. Many years, and hardware/software upgrades later, boinklabs.com is an AMD K6-225(!?) box running Redhat and nailed-up online via a 384/128k DSL link. Woo hoo!

A lot has happened in between, not the least of which is amassing quite a bit of knowledge of Linux setup and maintenance, networking, services, and all manner of Linux/UNIX nuts and bolts. I also build PC's, but alas, almost exclusively Windoze boxes. So, if you were to like, drop me a note saying you wanted me to build you a Linux box, why I'd just about pee myself. ;-)

I'm not real big on fancy web pages, so what you'll find here is mostly information, or links to information - primarily Linux-related. Hope it helps. Feel free to write if you have any questions or comments about what you find here.

The Library

Check back later please.

Oh wait... I do have some info on WPAD (Web Proxy Auto-Derangement -- at least I'm pretty sure that's what it stands for...) Here.

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